Agricultural and Livestock Workers

The areas of agriculture and livestock farming are very demanding and all labour candidates are required to have the necessary knowledge and experience in their area. A prerequisite for all candidates is to also display eagerness for work and respect their employers.

Agriculture labourers carry out a range of tasks in farms such as caring for and overseeing the cultivated produce, harvesting and packaging the horticultural produce, as well as tilling or digging a field and planting and pruning trees.

In the area of livestock farming the responsibilities of a labourer also vary and they include the following: breeding and watering the animals, cleaning the areas where the animals live, guarding the flock, milking the animals, picking eggs, grooming the animals and treating them for deceases and minor injuries etc.

Our priority as an employment agency is to select the potential labour candidates using strict criteria, based on their behavior and their willingness for work, so that we, on our end, can help create a good, professional and constructive relationship between employers and employees. In regard to selecting an employee, we recommend to our clients candidates that we believe can cover their needs, from countries such as Vietnam, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Egypt.