Caregivers for the elderly

How can a caregiver help you and your loved ones?

Trust Employment’s team provides the capability for the care and support that befits your loved ones, with the selection of suitable individuals, enabling elderly people to reside independently in their homes thereby improving their quality of life, as well as that of their family members. At the same time, their family members will feel at ease knowing that their loved ones are cared for by suitable individuals.

A caregiver assumes the role of the companion assisting elderly people in various ways, therefore making their life easier and they also relieve you of the constant stress for their well-being.

Depending on a family’s range of needs, a caregiver may be called upon to take on some or all of the following responsibilities:

    • Medication reminders
    • Meal preparation
    • Bathing and personal care (toileting, shaving etc.)
    • Grooming and dressing
    • Assistance with daily activities
    • Help with mobility (i.e. moving around inside and outside the house etc.)   
    • Incontinence care: Incontinence is a common but at the same time difficult problem, which may have a profound impact on someone’s quality of life. Understanding the sensitivity of the problem, the caregiver is able to handle each situation with compassion and diligence
    • Assistance in communication
    • Provision of exercise routines for the elderly, designed for the strengthening of their muscles, the improvement of their health or their mobility and the treatment of specific impairments, such as reduced strength or poor balance
    • Carrying through with the household chores such as cleaning, tidying of rooms and bathrooms, sweeping, taking out the trash and cleaning the windows
    • Pet care
    • Plant care
    • Shopping for groceries and other necessities
    • Maintenance of the house’s cleanliness and neatness
    • Accompany the elderly to church  

Each case differs, however Trust Employment will help you choose the right caregiver for your loved ones.